UI Designer (contract)

Millions of people around the world have used VoiceThread to enrich their asynchronous, online conversations. Over the past 10 years we've made tremendous improvements through constant innovation and a strong commitment to understanding our users.

We now have the means and the capacity to start rethinking what our interfaces could look like. We've spent time ensuring that our users can be productive but haven't put much distance between us and Twitter Bootstrap.

VoiceThread is looking for someone that knows how to design sharp, rewarding interfaces that are easy to use and a pleasure to look at. This person would work closely with developers and business strategists to create a look and feel that is unique to us and what we do.

The perfect candidate will have an all-around eye for design as well as some user experience chops. He or she will find themselves with a ton to do and a great company that will ensure the work is fulfilling, memorable and enjoyable.

This person needs:

  • Proficiency with some design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, GIMP, whatever you use to make your art)
  • Solid problem solving and communication skills
  • Experience in responsive web design
  • An understanding of usability design principles

It would be nice to have:

  • A personal portfolio (Dribble, DeviantArt, Instagram, personal site)
  • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Experience with Trello, Slack, or Github

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