Software Tester / QA Professionals(full time)

VoiceThread is seeking to improve its overall QA infrastructure and is looking to fill multiple QA positions to help us meet that goal.

Software Tester - I’m naturally gifted at breaking things and can focus like a bloodhound on replicating and documenting my experience.

QA Professional - I have formal training and experience with QA processes and infrastructure. I have read, or agree to read before taking the job, The Art of Software Testing by Myers/Sandler/Badgett. I understand the basics automated testing workflows.

QA Engineer / Developer - I have experience in QA processes and infrastructure and can consistently replicate manual tests by-hand. I have experience with automated testing tools such as Selenium, PHPUnit, Mocha or similar. I’m capable of replicating manual testing in an automated environment.

All of the above positions require the same attributes:

  • Curiosity
  • A spectacular ability to make just about anything break
  • A scientific approach to everything and unusual attention to detail
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • A team player, someone who can effectively collaborate

If any of these positions interests you and is a good fit, please contact us.

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